Panamanian songwriter Yael Danon shows confidence and command on “90 Days”

Yael Danon’s musical career has been a bit like that of Natalie Portman’s in cinema: astonishing while still a teenager. Danon’s new single “90 Days” has a fab chorus, and she “sells” it with the command of stars twice her age. It’s a highlight from her debut album Diary Girl, out today.

Danon is probably the only trilingual artist I’ll review this year. She was born in Panama before relocating to the U.S. – and she was a winner on Israel’s Got Talent when she was just 13.

Like Portman on the big screen, Danon feels wise beyond her years. The new album covers some familiar terrain like anxiety and messy breakups. But her assurance and confidence level are through the roof, like when Olivia Rodrigo first made a splash.

Diary Girl shifts effortlessly between pop, rock and folk, thanks to stellar production help from Tommy Torres, Valentina Rico and other notables.

When I was 17, my mastery of just one language was iffy. In contrast, Yael Danon may be the first artist of this decade to notch hits in the U.S., Panama and Israel. This is one mega-achiever who’s quickly separating from the pack.

Watch the video for “90 Days” below, or find the full album on your preferred streamer.

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