Brooklyn alt-pop duo Overcoats have announced The Fight (Remixed), a seven-track collection featuring re-imaginations of songs from their sophomore album The Fight. The collection features contributions from Shura, Caroline Rose, Yoke Lore, and more, and is out December 11th. Check out the tracklist below:

1. I’ll Be There (Shura Remix)
2. Apathetic Boys (Porches Remix)
3. New Shoes (Yoke Lore Remix)
4. Keep The Faith (Billy Lemos Remix)
5. Fire & Fury (Yumi Zouma Remix)
6. The Fool (GUM & Ginoli Remix)
7. The Fight (Caroline Rose Remix)

Overcoats have released Porches’ remix of their song “Apathetic Boys”, which you can stream below via the Spotify link, or on your preferred streaming platform.

The announcement also comes with the satirical music video for “Apathetic Boys” off of The Fight, which was released in March. The video marks the first time Hana and JJ step behind the camera, and is a commentary on the male-dominated nature of the music industry. Check out the video below:

Speaking on the video, Overcoats share: “The music industry is obviously male dominated, from the executive level to the bands. Men are the gatekeepers of rock music, and not only men, but apathetic men. Male musicians often act like they don’t care and that makes them cooler — the tattered shirts, the emotionless expressions etc. When women care, it is deeply uncool. This puts us in a vicious cycle of having to try harder than men to get coverage, while having to appear that we aren’t trying. We have felt this cycle in the music industry as well as in our relationships (trying not to be too eager or too clingy). We wanted the video to be a commentary on how these decidedly male expectations permeate the genre.”

The video features the New York bands Plastic Picnic, Hypoluxo, Homeschool, Future Generations, Marinara, Wet Leather, and Eli Sundae.

The original version is punchy synth-pop at its best, elevated by biting lyrics that capture the frustration felt by so many tired of these “apathetic boys” and their dictating of what’s considered “cool” (”I don’t wanna hear about your band anymore” ; “And by the way, I’ve heard of Radiohead / I guess they’re okay”). Though dropping it in a trippy, thumping beat and sparkling synths, Porches makes sure to retain the energy in their remix.

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