A new Open Mike Eagle record is always something to get excited about, and today he’s revealed that he’s got a new album called Anime, Trauma and Divorce coming on October 16. A title that perfect begs the question, what inspired it? Open Mike says:

Before the world went to shit I was already in the middle of a few personal crisis’. Shit had gone haywire personally and professionally and my therapist had to remind me that I have an outlet to process some of my shit in rap music. So I made a bunch of painful rap songs and Jacknife Lee was kind enough to help me make good music out of them. Maybe it can help other people too. It probably won’t but maybe.”

The first single to be shared from it is “Bucciarati” – an anime reference, if you didn’t know – which sees him team up with Kari Faux. In fact, it is the LA rapper who kicks off “Bucciarati” with her mellifluous introductory tones, before Eagle comes along with his typically dextrous flow, switching up meter with ease. The musicianship from Caleb Stone is spacious, with plenty of effects and atmospherics thrown in but never cluttering the space, so the two rappers can intertwine. When it comes time for Faux to lay down some bars, she matches Eagle both on smoothness and neuroticism – no easy task.

Open Mike Eagle’s new album Anime, Trauma and Divorce is out on October 16 through AutoReverse. You can find him on Bandcamp, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

You can find Kari Faux on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.