On Deck: Langkamer select five albums that influenced debut album West Country

Tomorrow sees the release of West Country, the debut album from Bristol-based quartet Langkamer. The album’s title is not only a nod to the West of England from which they hail, but a sly nod to the country/western influence on their music. This has been evidenced in the barn burning singles “Ugliest Man In Bristol” and “Humdinger”, which are just as likely to provoke a barn dance as they are a mosh – or perhaps some kind of hybrid. But, don’t forget the singalong factor of country music too, as Langkamer have that in spades – you’ll be surprised just how much hooting and hollering you’ll be doing (and hearing) as you grin your way through the record.

Of course, we wanted to know who were the touchstones for Langkamer on their way to creating West Country. The results are surprisingly contemporary, going to show that even though Langkamer are drawing on traditional sounds, they’re also positioning themselves as a forward-thinking band too. Scroll down to take a look at their picks, and check out this Spotify playlist of their key tracks from each one. But ahead of that, have a bang on their own “Humdinger”.

Arbor Labor Union – New Petal Instants

[Arrowhawk; 2020]

This album is so fantastically playful and fun, but written with such poise and passion. I think it’s probably pretty obvious that we were listening to this a lot as we wrote our album. Sorry for ripping you off so much Arbor Labour Union.

Nap Eyes – Snapshot of a Beginner

[Jagjaguwar; 2020]

This is an easy album to obsess over so I’ll keep it brief. Potentially my favourite album of all time. Just sublime.

Ezra Furman – Day of the Dog

[Bar/None; 2013]

Back in 2016 this album really knocked me off my feet. Ezra just puts every atom of her being into the songs. She’s laying her soul out in front of you and saying ‘here it is, it’s not always pretty but this is what it is’. It’s so far from the braggadocio that punk rock can be known for. It’s tender and honest and heartbreaking.

Waxahatchee – Saint Cloud

[Merge; 2020]

We were all listening to this record a lot around the time we wrote West Country. It was the surreal, sunny Spring of 2020, and this album, with its lush country flourishes, was the perfect soundtrack for it.

Parquet Courts – Light Up Gold

[Dull Tools; 2012]

In a way, the whole process started here. This was the album that inspired me to try and learn an instrument and write some songs. I bought a drum kit for 20 quid and just sat there listening to Light Up Gold on repeat and trying to work out what the drums were doing. Big thanks to Max Savage for teaching me the drums.

Listen to Langkamer’s key track selections from each release in this Spotify playlist.

Langkamer’s debut album West Country is out tomorrow, September 10, via TINA/Breakfast Records (pre-order/save).

You can find Langkamer on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.