Nathan Reed

Oddy Knocky runs adrift in tender resignation on “Skipping”

Who doesn’t love a wholesome trot across a foggy beach in at the break of dawn? Just ask Coldplay. Bread Pilot frontman Stephen Ibanez, under the solo moniker Oddy Knocky, isn’t about to serenade someone with lovelorn yearning however. On his lo-fi pop stunner “Skipping” he is all by himself, not quite happy and not quite sad, but nevertheless showing up to face the daylight.

It’s a moving little tune that doesn’t really address much of anything, except for being a woozy little prompt that he is, in fact, alive and breathing, accepting the strange motions of life that tend to elude those bigger dreams and expectations. Ibanez’s account on what inspired “Skipping” echoes this friendly resignation.

“‘Skipping’ is generally about always feeling like you’re perpetually too late to something or that timing can never be perfect,” Ibanez comments. “I don’t really mean it in a negative way at all, just how things in life can line up, and other times they don’t, and that’s just part of the deal. I liked the idea of trying to skip rocks on a beach but they were all taken and all that’s left is some chunky ones. Wrote it in my backyard in Seattle, Washington one summer when I was trying to write and record a song to completion every week.”

“Skipping” is the first glimpse of Oddy Knocky’s upcoming album On A Spit, which is out on February 9th 2024. You can go ahead and preorder the record here.

Enjoy “Skipping” below.

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