Photo: Kasia Zacharko

Objekt delivers the heady two-track offering Objekt #5

It’s been a while since we heard from Objekt – since his 2018 album Cocoon Crush, in fact. Prior to that, the Berlin-based DJ had been building up quite a catalogue of boundary pushing EPs in his whitelabel series, and today he returns to that form by delivering the latest, Objekt #5.

The two-track offering begins with “Bad Apples”, a song that continually shape-shifts throughout its six-and-a-half minutes. Starting from treacly, slow-moving bass, through intense guitar-driven section and into jungle-like beats, it’s breathtaking even before it’s half done. The second half feels like the producer just showing off, combining all the previous elements into a morass that’s as gorgeous as it is domineering – a true work of alchemy.

Second up is “Ballast”, a demanding rhythm-based track that threatens to create craters in the dancefloor with the heftiness of its bass drum thwack. Never one to stay in one lane though, Objekt keeps “Ballast” twisting and turning, introducing new electronic elements that carve out aerodynamic soundscapes we could never have envisioned without being guided by the producer’s masterful craft.

Check out both songs below.

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