Ingrid Ferrer & Núria Graham

Núria Graham drops the mystic soul-tinged “Yes It’s Me, The Goldfish!”

Catalan artist Núria Graham‘s first single off upcoming LP Cyclamen “Yes it’s Me, The Goldfish!” evokes the surrealist whims of a Greek folk tale with more earthbound ponderings. Graham sings from the perspective of a goldfish stuck in a tank, seeing its future through the glass reflection and ultimately being content with the few answers it seeks.

Though it’s supple soul-laced groove, Graham’s alluringly casual vocal delivery and spiralling sax flourishes use little strain to reel the listener in, “Yes It’s Me, The Goldfish!” sounds like taking an unassuming stroll through some empyreal decor full of robed deities, fantasy beasts and bright structures.

The art style is also quite gorgeous, a mixture of photography and paintings in collaboration with Ingrid Ferrer and Marc Cuscó, in what is apparently a deliberate homage to directors like Stan Brakhage and José Manuel Sistiaga, who used similar visual techniques.

Check out the visual below and nab the song on streaming outlets.

Cyclamen is released via Verve Forecast and New Deal, in collaboration with Primavera Labels and Universal Music, though no specific release date has been revealed. Follow Núria Graham on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and her official site.