Number One Popstar demolishes cliché new year’s resolutions on the satirical “I Hate Running”

Following up her earworm of a single “Psycho” comes singer-songwriter Kate Hollowell – who goes by Number One Popstar – returning with the gleefully biting track “I Hate Running”.

Deemed an “anti-motivational” song, “I Hate Running” is an 80s-influenced confection of melodic synths, electric guitar, groovy drums and those ever-so-iconic loud breaths (think Salt’N’Pepa’s “Push It”). Releasing this track in January is completely apt, as Hollowell dismantles clichéd new year’s resolutions – primarily targeting exercise. If there is any muscle being flexed, it is the muscle of satiric wit as she sings in the chorus: “But I hate running / Cause it takes all day / So I’m working on my body in a brand new way.”

She herself has stated that the track “explores facing the hard emotional work instead of the physical” with the aim of “trolling the exercise industry.”  In the upbeat cadence of a fitness instructor, she chants: “Pressure girls / Work on yourself / Therapy go get that help.” There is clearly encouragement beneath the humour about self-healing and getting your energy in check for the upcoming year.

For those who want a realistic pep talk (it doesn’t get more direct than her saying: “Nothing matters / We’re all gonna die”) embedded in great pop production, then Hollowell has created the song for you. With its instantly iconic lyrics and relatable themes, this track feels completely relevant in its message of making sure you are prioritising the right things.

You can – and absolutely should – watch the self-directed music video here:

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