Photo: Lance Williams

Number One Popstar cavorts through the gleefully cathartic “Dance Away the Pain”

Somewhere between Madonna and Charli XCX lies the music of Number One Popstar. Nothing if not eccentric and bitingly playful, real name Kate Hollowell records tracks that would dominate the radio in any just universe. Delightfully unusual yet completely accessible, her brand of pop more than speaks for itself.

Her latest, “Dance Away the Pain” is more than true to its title, boasting a throbbing beat and, gradually, a meaty riff that both calls back to the 80s and feels completely current. It comes with a video directed by Hollowell herself, finding her in a neckbrace dancing with a room of seniors.

She happily explains, “I feel like pop music, especially pop music videos, are filled with young cool people, but I want to make music that brings joy to everyone, at any age, specifically 70+. My hope is that this song is a celebration of not just dancing, but acknowledging the pain you’re going through.

Check it out below, and revisit last year’s “I Hate Running”.

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