Photo: Atiba Jefferson

Nosaj Thing taps Julianna Barwick for the oceanic “Blue Hour”, teases new album

LA producer Nosaj Thing has teased that he has an album called Continua on the way, though there’s no release date revealed yet. He has, however, given us a first single in the form of “Blue Hour”, which features Julianna Barwick – a continuation of the track they collaborated on for her last album Healing Is A Miracle.

On “Blue Hour”, Nosaj Thing lays out a soft and steady beat and blankets it with warm, navy blue synths. Barwick provides velveteen vocals, not using the full force of her voice as we know she can, but attuning it to the pillowy surroundings. Her pristine voice and Nosaj’s pristine production choices weave together smoothly, quietly building a benevolent whirlpool of feeling that invites you to dive in head first, minor eddies of emotion pulling you closer. “Blue Hour” is a slow-moving physical force, drawing you into an endless mental ocean.

Watch the video for “Blue Hour” below or find it on streaming platforms.

“Blue Hour” is out on LuckyMe. You can find Nosaj Thing on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.