Sara Laufer

Nisa learns to let go on alt-pop stunner “Sever”

Sometimes a person holds on to particular things for too long, before realising said things have turned stale and bitter. Nisa can certainly attest about the follies of attachment: having bounced around between London, New York and Los Angeles over the course of her young career, parting ways eventually becomes a familiar feeling.

Her latest single “Sever”, produced by Nate Amos (Water From Your Eyes, My Idea and This Is Lorelei), sports a minimal mid-tempo indie pop groove that turns increasingly taut and brittle. Like a volcanic rush, the song bursts open with a foray of thorny guitars.

““Sever” is a meditation on an end that needed to be permanent in order for healing to begin,” Nisa says of the track. “I wanted the acoustic guitar and reed synth to feel like emotional foils to the rest of the track, until the instrumentation ruptures in the last chorus, representing me finally letting go.”

“Sever” is the final glimpse of Nisa’s new EP Exaggerate, which comes out next week (via Hit the North Records) on October 4th. You can preorder it via her Bandcamp-page. Check out the song below and on streaming outlets.

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