Nicholas Krgovich to release Veda Hille tribute album This Spring, shares the lovely “Plants”

Unlike the vast majority of us, Nicholas Krgovich seems to be doing quite well lately. His music has certainly been enjoying previously unreached heights, with his collaborative album with Joseph Shabason and Chris Harris, last year’s stellar Philadelphia reaching plenty of new ears, not to mention making our Best Albums of the Year.

He’s, thankfully, now set to make an early return, with a delightful concept: a tribute album for his dear friend and mentor, Canadian singer Veda Hille. To create This Spring, he selected 15 of her tracks, reimagining and performing them in his own, unmistakable style. She also appears herself to perform a sole track.

To kick off anticipation for the laid back, meditative project, he’s linked up with M. Sage, Joe Carvell, and, once again, Joseph Shabason for “Plants”. Krgovich says:

“I’ve loved this song since the first time I heard it. Way back in 2000, the year I graduated high school. I remember Veda had a listening party in her living room and I got an invite. This random 17 year old in a sea of what, to me, seemed like grown ups. Everyone crammed in that room was probably a lot younger than I am now, and I still barely feel like an adult except when I’m in the grocery store and some mom says to her wandering toddler “don’t get in the way of that man” as I’m bending down to inspect a can of crushed tomatoes. Most of the lyrics come from a report Veda did on plants in the first grade. “Seaweed grows in the ocean, it grows in a funny kind of way” is so powerful to me – further proof that children do everything right and we just get more and more foggy with age.”

It’s truly lovely. We realize this is a word that gets tossed around in music journalism a lot: here, we mean it. It’s as soft as a gentle, warm breeze.

Nicholas Krgovich’s This Spring arrives on May 21 via Tin Angel. Find him on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.