Cosmo Webber

Nia Archives dazzles on Brazilian-flavoured track “Baianá”

With electronic music reaching new cutting-edge heights, it’s cool to hear an artist putting a fresh spin on the grittier ethos of 90s jungle and breakbeat. “Baianá”, the new single by UK producer Nia Archives, infused the dazzling rhythmic assault with a uniquely Brazilian flavour. Matching the songs ebullient intensity the video rapid fires sceneries from the country’s most famous city Rio de Janeiro, as we see Archives fervently crate-digging inside record shops.

Another cool widdle factoid: “Baianá” samples the Brazilian choir Barbatuques. “I’ve always been a massive fan of Samba Music, Bossa Nova Music and Brazilian culture, “ Archives comments. “And I had been a fan of the Barbatuques for a while. When I was looking through my samba / bossa playlist and thinking about songs to sample, “Baianá” was the one that stood out for me. When I started making it, the original version was quite bouncy which I wanted to make harder… so I flipped it into this crazy amen break roller with a Reese bass line. I feel like this one really showcases my work and style as a producer.”

No new follow-up for the EP Forbidden Feelingz has been officially announced as of yet, so for now jump in and check “Baianá” below and on streaming outlets.

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