Nathalie Miranda is a vocal virtuoso on “Echoes”

Most pop songs about self-acceptance have tentative, quavering vocals, but that’s not the case with Nathalie Miranda’s powerful new single “Echoes”. The UK artist has a confident Big Voice that will remind you of Adele, Taylor Dayne and American soul/pop singer Suzanne Palmer. In short, the song sizzles with emotion and energy.

Commenting on the new single, Miranda says, “I struggled with my appearance for years, picking myself apart. Writing and recording this song was extremely cathartic. It’s hard to look back on how I treated myself. I shed so many tears while recording. Now I’ve learned to forgive my younger self. I’m free from the dark place. I accept myself when I look in the mirror. But the echoes of my past will always be there.”

Born in London to Greek-Cypriot parents, Miranda’s extraordinary vocal gifts are complemented by her courageous lyrics. “Echoes” is one of the best self-forgiveness anthems ever penned, with lines like “I will be there in the mirror for you / I am older, I am grown, I am free.”

Watch the video for “Echoes” below, or find it on your favorite streamer.

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