Natalie Shay daydreams of “Doing Well”

North Londoner Natalie Shay’s fab new single “Doing Well” was co-written and produced by the UK band Fickle Friends – and it will probably do quite well worldwide, thanks to its propulsive chorus, radio-ready production and philosophical-yet-fun lyrics.

The song equates making it big with having a house in the Hollywood hills and a favorite bar in Silver Lake, a trendy L.A. neighborhood that’s home to movie stars like Ryan Gosling. Shay balances that little daydream with the resolve to enjoy the ride, whether it has a storybook ending or not.

“‘Doing Well’ is the daydream of success,” says Shay. “Sometimes we imagine that we’ll know when we’ve quenched our hunger for success, but will it really make us happy? And can we find happiness in what we already have?”

Commenting on the song’s creation, Shay adds, “It was super exciting to write with Fickle Friends. I’ve been a huge fan of their work and sound for many years. We got into the studio in Worthing and, as always, just started having a conversation about how were were feeling and what was going on. We realised we all kind of felt the same about remembering to stop and take in the view sometimes – and it can be easy to forget to do that when you’re chasing a dream. This is a track about learning to enjoy the ride.”

Listen to “Doing Well” below, or find it on the streaming services.

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