Mozzy and YG share new single “Bompton to Oak Park”, joint album reportedly on the way

YG‘s had an odd few years. Once seemingly a veritable rap auteur, presenting the cohesive and fantastic Still Brazy in 2016, his projects since have been bogged down in uncertainty, pulling in different directions and lacking vision.

That’s why, a little under a month ago, when Mozzy‘s manager seemed to confirm that a joint album between the two was on the way, it was so exciting. Mozzy, after all, has become something of an heir apparent to West Coast greatness; despite never charting the way YG has, he’s amassed both critical love and a considerable fan base, all while putting out numerous projects, both solo and alongside other rappers, most notably striking gold with his own 1 Up Top Ahk.

In short: Mozzy knows how to put a great project together, whether on his own or with the likes of Trae tha Truth, Gunplay, Berner, and more. Hence, his linking up with the bigger artist could be the absolute best thing for both of them, bringing Mozzy some mainstream shine, and reconnecting YG with the urgency and quality control he needs to release another memorable album.

Alas, since the original confirmation, news has been scarce. That is, until yesterday, when the pair released a new joint single, the plainly title “Bompton to Oak Park”, seeming to confirm their pairing, while offering no other details.

We can only await further information with baited breath. In the mean time, check out “Bompton to Oak Park” below or via your favorite streaming service.

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