Photo: Eric Gyamfi

Moses Sumney summons celestial beauty on “Bless Me”

This Friday, May 15, Moses Sumney will reveal the latter part of his double album græ, and we’ll get to hear the 20-track opus in its entirety. For now though, we have an absolutely stunning sample of what’s to come with the new song “Bless Me”.

Sumney’s voice is front-and-centre in its dextrously tone-hopping glory on “Bless Me”, while he takes care over building the bed of guitar strings that encircle him. Across the five minutes of “Bless Me”, Sumney dreams of escaping into the ether, a place where time is non-existent, somewhere entirely fulfilling in its nothingness. “Bless Me” patiently swells and eventually bursts with life and pure beaming joy of music and life by its overwhelming finale.

Moses Sumney’s græ comes out this Friday, May 15, through Jagjaguwar.