Photo: Rio Chantel

Misty Mtn trot through the wistful, gracefully catchy “Weren’t Those the Days”

The pair that make up Misty Mtn came together naturally, as if it was meant to be. Hailing from Montana, vocalist Mo Trunzo grew up singing at rodeos, gradually moving, as so many do, to L.A. in search of her dreams. Unlike most, however, she met a perfect musical partner in Lucas Segall, who’d been producing for indie bands in the area.

The two quickly joined forces and Misty Mtn was born. Today, they take a big step forward, sharing the title track from their forthcoming EP, Weren’t Those the Days. Beginning with quiet, lonesome keys, the song quickly but gently builds up with head-bobbing percussion and hand claps, before expanding even further into a graceful, understated synth-pop ballad.

Speaking on the song, Trunzo shares, “Lucas and I started making music together when we were both living in Brooklyn, NY. It was a time in both our lives that felt like such a struggle, but so romantic at the same time. When we started writing ‘Weren’t Those the Days’ life was feeling miles away from anything resembling that period. Discussing that brought on all this imagery for a song about being reminded of an ex-lover by the sights and sounds of the things you shared.

Check “Weren’t Those the Days” below or on streaming platforms.

Weren’t Those The Days EP comes out on November 5. Catch Misty Mtn on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.