Mimi Oz

Mimi Oz takes us on a wonderful international and personal journey in “Caroline”

Canadian singer-songwriter Mimi Oz has released “Caroline”, a jazz-and-soul-tinged folk song from her upcoming third solo album, the self-produced Growing Pains. 

Oz on “Caroline”:

“A story song written about a young, wild woman. Afraid of her future, she ventures to Europe, abandoning her American lifestyle, in search of someone or something to hold her in one place. In the end, she falls for herself and the world of art and poetry, landing in New Orleans after riding different affairs of the heart. She learns to value her own dreams over any of her mother’s wishes, or society’s standards. The song infectiously calls for the listener to embrace and honor the feminine spirit. Questioning herself – Does she make babies? Or sweet poetry? Does she belong to the world or a man? The groove of the song came about after listening to Patti Smith’s “Redondo Beach”.”

However Mimi Oz was feeling when she made “Caroline,” she was certainly feeling a lot of it. “Caroline” explodes into a rampant euphoria even after its jubilant horn and key passages are established. Critical to the song’s success are Oz’s talents as a vocalist and songwriter, moving through different registers, from forceful growls to awestruck croons, to tell the story of a wayward American spirit trying to find herself, domestically and abroad. We can’t wait to see where Oz’s musical journey takes her next.

Listen to “Caroline” below

Growing Pains is out October 22. Follow Mimi Oz on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.