Michael the Band delight with the soaring “Tough Trust”

It’s an intriguing idea: a band made up solely of people named Michael. But instead of Michael Jackson and Michael Nesmith, Michael the Band has three industry vets who shine on the new single “Tough Trust” – the first release from their album of the same name that drops on September 29.

The band consists of Pool Kids producer Mike Vernon Davis, Seattle legend Harry Michael Smith and newest addition James Michael Kasinger. Despite its serious theme, “Tough Trust” is sunny and smooth, offering the musical sophistication and sheen of Bowie and Talking Heads.

Commenting on the new track, Harry Michael Smith says: “With tight bonds and tough trust, we can get through these hard things in life and use them as fuel to become excellent.”

As long as Michael The Band doesn’t add Michael Bolton to the line-up, I predict that their upcoming album will make a major splash this fall.

Watch the video for “Tough Trust” below, or find it on the streaming services.

The band’s new LP Tough Trust arrives on September 29.

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