Megan Thee Stallion perches atop “BOA” and its gloriously silly video

What a perfect time for Megan Thee Stallion to come through.

With Kendrick Lamar having thoroughly dismantled Drake, it’s high time to remember his needless, repugnant barb in Megan’s direction in defense of one-time enemy Tory Lanez was arguably the biggest shift yet in public opinion moving against him, at the time. With “Hiss” feeling as directed at ol’ Aubrey as his on-and-off-again bestie Nicki, it’s only right that Meg pop out again now that she’s finally been vindicated.

While “BOA” is as full of clever ire as just about any post-shooting Stallion single, it’s less bitter. That remains an entirely understandable feeling for her to have, given all the shots lobbed at her by her attacker and insecure seniors fearing her full potential, her latest jam is all the more fun because she’s enjoying her righteous take downs. When she snipes, “Bitch, your time up, why is you not clockin’ out? / Doin’ shit for TikTok, I’m really hip-hop,” you can but see her smirk as she recorded.

The video, of course, is another homage to her fascination with horror, with three friends trying out a bootleg game that turns out to lead a cursed game character (Megan, naturally) killing them when they lose. Megan lets her sincere nerd flag fly through references ranging from Scott Pilgrim to Mortal Kombat. If you’ve ever wanted to see a man murdered by ass, she has ya covered. Check it out below.