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Track Premiere: Cuushe – “Hanabi”

By ; September 18, 2013 at 1:52 PM 

Cuushe - Butterfly Case

Berlin by-way-of-Tokyo dream pop artist Cuushe weaves tales of lyrical beauty amid lush soundscapes, all set against the backdrop of a handful of different genres.   On her upcoming sophomore album, Butterfly Case (due out September 23rd via Flau Records), she creates seemingly tangible aural memories through the use of analog tape distorted synths, programmed drums, and cyclical loops of flooded guitars.  Co-produced by Flau architect Yasuhiko Fukuzono (aka aus), the record pushes through hazy recollections and half-remembered dreams until we reach some semblance of truth as culled together from Cuushe’s own memories.  Using her unique and ethereal voice and a host of modified dream pop tendencies as guides, she creates affecting scenes of pastoral beauty that envelope the listener and refuse to let go.

On her latest track, the echo-drenched dream pop gem “Hanabi,” Cuushe makes use of layers of dense, though tender, distortion and submerges her own gossamer vocals in waves of synths and reverbed percussion.  Sounding like a narcotized version of My Bloody Valentine fronted by Cocteau Twins chanteuse Elizabeth Fraser, “Hanabi” cocoons the listener in a comforting web of noise and buried melody.  And Cuushe – far from relying on the immersive feel of the song to distract the listener from any sense of rhythmic homogenization – has clearly delineated each sound and texture down to the minutest detail.  And as the song unfurls, we begin to see a vast and detailed tapestry weaving itself together from strands of gorgeous vocals, complex harmonies, and intricate instrumentation.  There is a sense of everything in its right place, with Cuushe herself standing comfortably among the interlocking parts.

Beats Per Minute is pleased to premiere the latest track, “Hanabi,” from Cuushe’s upcoming record, Butterfly Case.


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