Photo: Amelia Read

Me Lost Me turns the everyday into a vivid vignette in the polyphonic “Acrobat On The Roof”

Me Lost Me is the project of Jayne Dent, an artist who has been releasing her textural tunes for a few years and recently won the Paul Hamlyn Foundation award. Today she announces plans for a new EP called The Circle Dance, which will arrive on October 1. She’s also shared the lead single “Acrobat On The Roof”, saying:

“I imagine it as an interaction between two characters, one taking a break from their work and sitting on a roof and enjoying the view, the other on the ground below passing them, a snippet of a mundane interaction in an imaginary future.”

While a conversation between someone on a roof and someone on the ground would be quite a quirky image on its own, Me Lost Me makes it into a whole Van Gogh-esque painting through her tactile and precise instrumentation. Combining a subtly insistent rhythm and a cartoony marimba to set the tone, she then overlays it with a stunning melange of synths, woodwinds, upright bass and her voice. As these sounds spiral together, we can practically feel the suns rays and the breeze – and when she sings of being able to “See for miles and miles”, we can too. The lyrics may be a simple exchange between the two characters, but with so much atmosphere in the song, it feels like a luxurious scene ripped from the lost annals of history and presented in engrossing, living sound and colour – a stunning accomplishment.

Watch the atmospheric video for “Acrobat On The Roof” below, or on streaming platforms.

Me Lost Me’s The Circle Dance EP arrives on October 1 (pre-order on Bandcamp). You can find the project on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.