Photo: Jade Sadler

mazie brings honesty and intimacy to “it’s not me (it’s u)”

It sometimes helps an artist’s career to go a little “off brand” to demonstrate versatility. That’s definitely the case with mazie’s uncharacteristically subdued new track “it’s not me (it’s u)”.

Most people think of mazie as the manic musician who has given us trippy delights like “girls just wanna have sex” and “dumb dumb”. The latter has garnered more than 100 million streams and was featured in the soundtrack of last year’s hit movie Do Revenge.

In contrast, “it’s not me (it’s u)” has an intimate, Wolf Alice-like feel with a gorgeous, cascading melody. The song was produced by Elie Rizk, who was mazie’s childhood friend in Baltimore before the pair moved to Los Angeles.

Says mazie: “This song is the epitome of avoidant attachment style and an exploration into losing ‘the spark’ with the person you love most. It is brutally honest and really allowed me to hold up a mirror to myself and reflect on the hypocritical BS I bring into my relationships.”

The new single provides ample proof that mazie’s debut album blotter baby (dropping in late February) will feature far more than the endearingly ditzy songs she’s known for. “it’s not me (it’s u)” marks an exciting new chapter in this kinetic performer’s career.

Listen to “it’s not me (it’s u)” below, or find it on the streamers.

mazie’s debut album blotter baby comes out on February 24. Follow mazie on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and TikTok.