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Maris is lovestruck by “Julia Roberts”

As far as I know, not since Kim Carnes’ 1981 hit “Bette Davis Eyes” has there been a song like MARIS’s “Julia Roberts”. From beginning to end, the LA artist makes it abundantly clear that she’d do anything to hook up with the Oscar-winning actress.

In many ways, “Julia Roberts” is an outlier in MARIS’s discography. Most of her work to date has been energetic pop that showcases her stellar voice. The singer’s 2022 single “Heavenly Bodies” has the perfectly crafted feel of a Madonna hit. (Will somebody somewhere please cover this song? It’s a radio smash waiting to happen.)

The offbeat energy of “Julia Roberts” makes me wonder: will someone like Sam Smith ever record a song called “Richard Gere”?

MARIS says: “It started as a diary entry, living in LA and spending just about all free my time alone, watching Pretty Woman on repeat as a comfort movie and wishing I could be swept up and taken care of like Vivian is. She’s a little rough around the edges, a little bit cynical, and has a quick temper, but Edward sees right through her self preserving facade and loves her anyway.

“After living with the song for a year or so, I started to realize I not only desperately wanted to be the Pretty Woman, I wanted to be with her. And suddenly I was hyper aware of my competition for male validation and protection, while also being attracted to the women that I’m “competing” against. This song feels like a good place to shake that competitive feeling and those insecurities away, while celebrating a truly radiant woman. Julia Robert I adore you. Hope it’s okay that I used your name as a song title. <3 please don’t sue me you’re so awesome aha x”

You can catch MARIS live this summer at Boston Calling, a June show with Kid Sistr and the Missoula Pride festival in Montana.

Listen to “Julia Roberts” below, or find it on your favorite streaming service.

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