Photo: Jesse Lendzion

Maggie Miles finds healing on “Asleep”

Nashville artist Maggie Miles is one of those ‘wow!’ singers whose stylistic versatility takes your breath away. Her new single “Asleep” is so majestically melodic that I’d gladly go to bed at 7 p.m. just to hear it in my dreams.

Says Miles: “‘Asleep’ is a healing song. It was healing to write, and just as much to perform. I wrote it from a place of seeking hope, finding it and holding on with everything I had because apathy was gripping me tightly. Music does that I think. It sort of functions like an alarm clock to your senses. It’s so powerful. An escape, a journal.”

To my ears, Miles’ music can sound a bit like Wolf Alice and recent Yeah Yeah Yeahs, like on her previous single “Momentum”. Both will feature on her upcoming album The Lack Thereof.

“I wasn’t thinking about Wolf Alice when tracking ‘Momentum’,” adds Miles. “I was digging into my older influences: Kurt, Chris Carnell, Hayley Williams.”

Here’s a memo to Ms. Rogers: There’s room for more than one superstar named Maggie in today’s pop world. Don’t sleep on “Asleep” and the fast-ascending career of Maggie Miles.

Listen to “Asleep” below, or find it on your preferred streaming service.

Maggie Miles’ new album The Lack Thereof arrives on May 17. You can follow Maggie Miles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.