Maddox Jones glides through the anthemic dance pop of “Make Me Yours” [BPM Premiere]

Once the front man of 00’s Indie rock act The Departure, Maddox Jones‘ solo career has seen him gradually venture into entirely different waters. Making his solo debut in 2020 via the synth-tastic electronica of his Headspace EP, 2021 has seen him grow ever closer to the dancefloor.

All this feels like it’s been leading to his latest statement, “Make Me Yours”, which we’re pleased to premiere on Beats Per Minute today. Perhaps its simply due to the very nature of Jones’ voice, but the song begins with nearly a country-tinged feeling, before rapidly expanding into a veritable dance pop anthem. “Make Me Yours” somehow splits the difference between its grand pop aspirations and Jones’ personal, intimate lyrics. Complete with soaring backing singers during its dominant chorus, it’s a delightful, danceable tune from a seemingly unlikely source.

Speaking on the track, Jones shares, “I’ve been discovering more and more that the dynamics in a relationship are not linear. One person is not in control, and there is so much to be learnt from being vulnerable and honest with your partner. This song is ultimately about letting go and trusting your partner is going to hold you when you need it most.”

Check it out below, and stay tuned for more from Jones soon, who is preparing his debut solo album for early 2022.

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