Photo: Melissa Lunar

Mabe Fratti confronts fear on the polyphonic “Enfrente”

Guatemalan multi-talent Mabe Fratti has release “Enfrente”, the latest taster from her upcoming album Sentir que no sabes, following up early singles “Kravitz” and “Pantalla Azul”. On the new song, she says:

“There’s a sensation of fear of being heard in the intention of the song, and being one step behind everything that’s going on, and feeling overwhelmed by the pressure to follow up.”

Fratti and her partner Héctor Tosta refer to “Enfrente” as “the ‘spoiled’ kid of the record” because it started one way and completely transformed as they worked on it. This can be heard in the final product which utilises a variety of different approaches to create a startling and towering whole. It starts with a metallic loop that forms an aching spine, with sighing strings, Fratti’s signature cello and an insistent beat pushing it onwards. Fratti is confrontational in her soft-spoken voice “Vas disimulado / Dices que estás cantando / Subes temblando al podio” (“You are hiding / You say you’re singing / You tremble your way up to the podium”). Splashes of crystal synths zap through the atmosphere and piano chords ripple like shivers of ice down the back. As the song lurches to what seems its finale a breakbeat bursts through, carrying “Enfrente” to a new realm – the sound of fear being overcome, of satisfaction being earned.

Watch the video for “Enfrente” below or find the song on streamers.

Video directors José Ostos and Ana Drucker explain the ‘Enfrente’ video: “The starting point was water, we were interested in its movement and plasticity. We also wanted the images to work as a rhythmic accompaniment to the song’s groove.”

Mabe Fratti’s new album Sentir Que No Sabes is out on 28 June through Unheard of Hope (pre-order on Bandcamp). You can find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Live dates:

05/28 – Barcelona, ES – Primavera Sound 

07/05 – Roskilde, DK – Roskilde Festival

11/02 – Torino, IT – C2C Festival
11/07 – Paris, FR – Pitchfork Paris 
11/06 – London, UK – Pitchfork London