Lyncs swerves beautifully on “Dancing On The Freeway”

Lyncs is the musical project of LA artist Jacqueline Hynes – and her new single “Dancing On The Freeway” gets an A+ for engaging vocals, crisp guitar work and fabulous melody. This is the best freeway dancing since OJ Simpson’s getaway car pirouetted all over LA.

This song is so impressive that I thought it was a stealth release by that artist who’s been on a worldwide Eras tour.

“I wanted to challenge the stereotype of the crazy ex,” says Hynes. “Sure, you might not actually key their car or crash their birthday party, but who hasn’t entertained the idea, right? ‘Dancing On The Freeway’ is a celebration of that rebellious spirit within us all.”

Lyncs’ last EP featured the brilliant “How To Cure A Heart Attack”, a song that’s both rhythmically and melodically hooky in a way that will remind you of Lorde, The 1975 and even The Police.

Listen to “Dancing On The Freeway” below, or find it on the streaming services.

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