Photo: Shayla Lee

Luna Shadows uses hair as a metaphor in “Stay Mad”

Many artists aspire to be dreamy/hypnotic/enchanting, but LA artist Luna Shadows achieves all that effortlessly compared to the rest. Luna’s new single “stay mad” is an intriguing teaser for the artist’s upcoming sophomore album bathwater, due June 21.

Luna’s 2021 album Digital Pacific is one of recent years’ finest, thanks to irresistible songs like “Waves” and “Pixelated” (the latter being arguably the best one-minute song ever recorded).

The new single and accompanying video cover some refreshingly original ground. Hair is a metaphor for female relationships: hair-braiding (representing closeness and kindness), hair-pulling (taunting and teasing) and hair-cutting (casual cruelty). Artists like Billy Joel have already written about hair-thinning.

In discussing the inspiration for both the song and video, Luna notes, “When I was in first grade, my best friend (who I adored) dragged me across her front lawn by the hair – just for fun. In my adult life, many of my female relationships have played out similarly, only now, our weapons are more our words (or sometimes, a lack thereof). The video is a visual collage of these memories and relationships, recalling some childish acts of violence – but playing out as adults.”

Watch the video for “stay mad” below, or find the song on your favorite streamer.

Luna Shadows’ new album bathwater arrives on June 21 (pre-save). You can follow her on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.