Photo: Steph Wilson

LUMP fight for individuality on the sailing “Climb Every Wall”

LUMP, the duo of Laura Marling and Mike Lindsay, are releasing their new album Animal at the end of July. We’ve already heard the title track, and today we get a second dose in the form of “Climb Every Wall”.

Marling says: “I’d watched a film called ‘The Perverts Guide to Ideology’ about how ideology is woven into Hollywood cinema, and there was a bit about how in Communist countries they cut out the song “Climb Every Mountain” from the ‘Sound of Music’ because it’s too much of a personal, individualistic ideology, so that’s where I got the title.”

Lindsay adds: “I spent hours trying to find a bassline that would work. It was a real headache. Then when I got it, I just loved it and I made my girlfriend come downstairs and dance in the room for about an hour.”

While it’s not quite the sing-along joy of “Climb Every Mountain”, “Climb Every Wall” is certainly a more upbeat and positive sound for LUMP. Largely eschewing the synths in favour of beautifully threaded bass and guitar, they provide a lightweight but rich sound for Marling’s message of personal strength: “write yourself a map to your healing.” With a myriad of studio bells and whistles stylishly interwoven, “Climb Every Wall” practically begs you to spend some time sinking into it, and hopefully you’ll come out of it feeling uplifted and ready to impress your image upon the world around you.

LUMP’s new album Animal is out on July 30 (pre-order/save). Find the project on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.