Lorelei Marcell artfully dodges “Social Expectations”

Pop artist Lorelei Marcell grew up in the Boston area and now lives in LA. She just released a new EP called Social Expectations on the Preach Records label (an imprint of Virgin UMG). The title song has real wit and panache, fueled by Marcell’s energetic vocal.

“This EP as a whole talks a lot about societal standards and forging your own path,” says Marcell. “When I wrote this song I was feeling really overwhelmed by life in general. The verses show the different stages I go through when I’m feeling overwhelmed, anywhere from completely pessimistic to fully empowered. This song also pokes fun at a lot of the comments I’ve received since getting into music, such as “not traditional” or “get a real job.”

Marcell’s songwriting and pop sensibilities are superb. “Social Expectations” is impeccably crafted, especially its anthemic chorus and gorgeous bridge. And Lorelei’s previous single “Love Me Back (Maybe Next Year)” has garnered more than one million streams for a reason. The song opens with a wistful verse that blossoms into a gently swaying chorus that goes into overdrive with a soaring R&B outro.

Listen to “Social Expectations” below, or check out the new EP on your favorite streamer.

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