Loma Prieta glide between light and dark on “Glare”, announce first album in eight years

San Francisco band Loma Prieta will release a new album called Last on June 30 through Deathwish. It is their first full-length since 2015. The album features last year’s comeback single “Sunlight”, but we’ve also got our second taste of the album in the form of “Glare”, about which they reveal:

“‘Glare’ is a song talking about the two meanings of the word ‘glare’ and where they intersect. A blinding brightness vs. a hateful stare, more simply, light vs. dark. Within this, a metaphor about how light and dark play with our sight, same as love and hate cloud our mind; Love and hate are so closely tied in the human psyche, becoming confusingly similar in tone when felt full-on. Musically, this track runs the gamut of these strong diametric opposites- beginning contemplative, moving into hatred and rage, concluding with bright, cathartic triumph. The track features an appearance by Loma Prieta’s longtime friend and collaborator Josh Staples (The New Trust, The Velvet Teen).”

Seemingly wanting to make up for lost time, Loma Prieta throw us a glorious firework with “Glare” that’ll hook in listeners from all points on the alt-rock spectrum. The light/dark dichotomy described above is hashed out in the track, which ascends beautifully to the heavens for its post-rock opening, then comes burning back down to the ground again in a shower of dive-bombing guitars and distorted cries. Loma Prieta keep “Glare” tipping backwards and forwards between serenity and damnation as they stretch their proverbial wings with compositional and instrumental prowess. It’s an aural emotional rollercoaster that ultimately leaves you feeling elated.

Watch the video for “Glare” below or find the song on streamers.

Loma Prieta’s new album Last arrives on June 30 through Deathwish Inc (pre-order/save). You can find the band on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Tour dates:

6/30 Oakland, CA Ivy Room
7/1 Chicago, IL Beat Kitchen #
7/2 Detroit, MI Sanctuary #
7/3 Grand Rapids, MI Pyramid Scheme #
7/4 Toronto, ON Garrison #
7/5 Montreal, QC Bar Le Ritz PDB #
7/6 Pawtucket, RI Machines #
7/7 Brooklyn, NY TV Eye #
7/8 Philadelphia, PA Milk Boy *
7/9 Baltimore, MD Metro Gallery *
7/10 Pittsburgh PA @ TBA

w/ Frail Body #
w/ Eyelet *