Liv DeToma delivers stellar vocals on the emotion-packed “riot”

LA artist Liv DeToma has an amazing voice that has the emotional power of Alicia Keys and Maren Morris – and also reminds me of all-time greats like Rita Coolidge and Toni Braxton. DeToma’s new single “riot” is also a superbly written song that explores what lies beneath a laugh-seeking public persona.

“riot” starts as a smoldering slow-burn, then builds to a Big Chorus that’s one of this year’s finest. The track has impressive guitar work and backing vocals, but what really grabs you is the emotion. DeToma has the ability to make you ache with every syllable – something that only a few singers like Adele can do.

Reflecting on the new song, Liv says, “’riot’ became a must-release song for me the minute I finished writing it. I immediately brought it to my producer and collaborator Jay Rence, who is a master at making a song into an experience, and let him know that this was the song that would push me into my new era, both musically and thematically. The song reflects how it feels to overcompensate with humor, levity, and carelessness in order to get the attention of the one person in the room you just can’t seem to impress.”

Liv’s songs have the sonic sophistication of T-Swift and Maggie Rogers. This is only her third single, but you can already hear the “special” in this artist.

Listen to “riot” below, or find it on the streaming services.

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