A few weeks ago we brought you “Thief on the Cross”, the intriguing new song from Toronto’s Little Kid, and today they have followed it up with news of a new album called Transfiguration Highway, which is due on July 3 through Solitaire. To mark the announcement they’ve also shared a song from the album called “Losing”, about which Kenny Boothby says:

“This song tells two fictional stories about characters experiencing some kind of loss. In the first verse, the narrator’s friend loses their savings on a drunken bet on a dog race. In the second, the narrator expresses regret for choosing to leave a person they still find themselves in love with.

Little Kid unspool a classic barroom sounding indie folk track, a delightful mingling of jaunty rhythm with forlorn guitar, which perfectly sets the scene for Boothby’s two tales of regret. He also cites Neil Young as a heavy influence on “Losing”, and you can certainly hear that in the way he so lovingly sings of these poor regretful fellows. Little Kid don’t allow the song to wallow in gloom though, lifting the spirits with a rousing refrain and allowing the tinkling piano to shine through like the silver lining that’s in everything – you’ve just gotta look hard enough.

Little Kid’s new album Transfiguration Highway comes out through Solitaire Recordings on July 3. Follow them on FacebookTwitterInstagram and Bandcamp.