Sam Ray, the driving force behind Teen Suicide (our beloved purveyors of lo-fi gloom-pop), told us back in June that “Ricky Eat Acid [had] always been a side thing behind whatever was going on in my life – relationships, school, whatever – now it’s a side thing behind my main band (finally).” Well, it would now appear that Ricky Eat Acid is done, at least for the time being, but not without the release of yet another moody collection of short ambient/drone pieces. Though the compositions seem to rely less on the organic than their predecessors in Seeing Little Ghosts Everywhere (and that’s likely in no small part due to the process that created them), they maintain the same sort of emotion. It’s clear that Ray is still experimenting here, but he’s managed to instill a bit of himself in these drone-y pieces, which is more than you can say of many releases in the genre. Check out a statement about the album that Ray posted to Bandcamp and listen to it below, or head over to the Bandcamp to download the whole thing.

“This was the last full ep/lp I recorded as ‘ricky eat acid’. These songs were recorded in august 2011 (and released a year later).

A series of really slow, weird sort-of-drone pieces I created by writing and recording full songs of almost endless tones and then attacking the actual .wav files until they became something entirely different. It was a really subtle process and one that took a long time. the results, I find, are very interesting, even a year later, at least to me.

These songs are almost entirely about the process, where the act of taking the digital recordings and warping them in such small, pointless ways for such a long time becomes its own art.
or something like that.

Or just a series of melancholic drone songs I recorded after a trying breakup.

Whichever story appeals more.