Yawn - Summer Heat

Chicago avant-pop group YAWN have a new record in the works – their second after 2011’s debut, Open Season — and are now putting the finishing touches on those tracks. Never ones to leave their fans hanging however, the band has recently shared the stand-alone single, “Summer Heat,” as a teaser of sorts of what we could expect from their forthcoming sophomore album.  Having toured with bands like Tame Impala and Suckers in support of the debut, YAWN’s psych-pop eccentricities should come as no surprise to those familiar with the band, and “Summer Heat,” with its swirls of violins and dense indie rock inclinations, is as good an entry point into their Animal Collective/Yeasayer-esque aesthetic as you could find.  And as apt as those comparisons are, they’re not meant to be reductive. YAWN fill their own insular psych niche as well as any band.  Listen to “Summer Heat” below.