The Darcys are close to finishing off a trilogy of albums with the impending release of their new record, Warring. Due out September 17th on Arts & Crafts, the band says of the album, “[it] is moving forward. It’s learning in motion. Competition and survival, letting go to persevere. It is anxiety about the future and the triumph of life in the moment. It’s victory on will alone, the force that eradicates failure as an option.” Such descriptions find life in new track “The River,” while also matching the monochrome image of on the album’s cover and the band’s Tumblr page. There’s sorrow here, but there’s a furious desire to break free from its chains. Imagine Foals or Titus Andronicus in a different light, and you might be somewhere on the way to “The River.” Listen below, and for a limited time you can head over to the band’s website and download the track for free.