PT Walkley

Composer and multi-instrumentalist PT Walkley stands at an odd musical crossroads, one in which he finds himself immersed in the commercial side of the entertainment industry while still clinging to the personal and often deeply communal singer-songwriter aesthetic that he explores on his latest album, Shoulders (out February 18th via Bathing Suit Music).  Between working on the soundtracks to various films and TV shows, Walkley explores an extroverted pop landscape where his indie rock tendencies can freely roam and mesh with a more classic R&B sound.  He even voices several characters on Nickelodeon’s Team Umizooni series — as well as writing all of that show’s score — and has even created original music for Sesame Street.

On his latest single, “Sirens,” Walkley blends a brass-y rhythm section with surging guitar lines and melodies that just keep going on and on.  There’s a jazzy momentum that ‘s built from the friction between Walkley’s vibrant vocals and the wonderfully kinetic instrumentation — no note is wasted and each subsequent clash helps to maintain the surge of pop adrenaline.  Working with Emmy, Grammy, and Tony-winning producer Bill Sherman, Shoulders finds Walkley shedding any measure of introverted inclinations, allowing the music to grab the listener by the collar and drag them along in its bright musical wake.  Stream “Sirens” below.