Preston Lovinggood

Birmingham, AL native Preston Lovinggood is gearing up for the release of his sophomore album, Shadow Songs, on February 25th via Communicating Vessels.  The wide-eyed counterpart to his 2013 album, Sun Songs, this upcoming album finds Lovinggood pairing up with producer Darrell Thorpe (Beck, Thom Yorke) and creating a musical landscape where chiming guitars and progressive rhythms weave their way inside Lovinggood’s expressive vocals.  On his latest single, “Shipwrecked,” he takes a persistent, thudding beat and threads it with ringing guitars and a beautifully subtle melody that slowly unfolds as the song progresses.  There are moments though when the guitars drop their shimmering facade and send out tendrils of distortion that draw you in even further and which feel far more intricate than you are expecting.  The song never gets in any hurry to reach its goal but burns through its churning rock rhythm with a bare simplicity that’s as casual as it is impressive.  Stream “Shipwrecked” below.