Porches - Slow Dance in the Cosmos

Brooklyn gloom-pop quintet Porches. (punctuation included) are gearing up for the release of their debut full-length, Slow Dance in the Cosmos, on August 27th via Exploding In Sound Records. Sitting at the center of the band is singer/guitarist Aaron Maine (a prolific musician who has released eight records in the past six years under various band names) and his Casio CA-110 keyboard – the instrument from which, incidentally, the inspiration for the early Porches. songs came. But Maine isn’t alone in this brooding, atmospheric indie rock aesthetic. Cameron Wisch (drums), Greta Kline (bass), Kevin Farrant (guitar), and Seiya Jewell (keyboard) provide the necessary rhythmic framework for Maine’s compositions to hang upon.

On their latest single, “Skinny Trees,” the band employs fuzzed-out, psych theatrics and some buzzing electronics to highlight the dense, swirling cadence of the song. Maine’s vocals are buffeted by streaks of jagged guitars and thumping percussion that highlight the densely packed layers of synths and swirling rhythms that form the backbone of the track. The only drawback is that the song clocks in at just over two minutes, and so you’re just getting settled in when the music tapers off. Still, for those two minutes, the darkly buoyant melody and layers of dense instrumentation sweep you along with barely a moment to catch your breath. Listen to “Skinny Tress” below.