Listen: The Meets – “Even When The Time Comes”

The Meets

Multi-instrumentalist Brandon Locher doesn’t seem to understand the concept of downtime.  Over the past 7 years, Locher has helped to distribute more than 50 different releases under various monikers and in a wide variety of mediums. He also co-founded My Idea of Fun, an art collective of musicians, writers, filmmakers, and visual artists, which is based out of Johnstown, PA – though much of his time and attention recently has been focused on The Meets.  A 20+ member collective of musicians, The Meets create vast stretches of electronic collages, built around various field recordings of him and his friends.  From communal drum circles to impromptu orchestral sessions in the streets of New York, Locher has captured a distinct sense of how life in the city operates on an organic level – with people’s daily behavior acting as the lifeblood and the streets being the conduit for its dispersion.  We’ll be able to get a more comprehensive picture of how he and his rotating band of musicians portray the minute details of everyday life when It Happens Outside is released on October 1st via My Idea of Fun.

For now though, we can satisfy our curiosity with “Even When The Time Comes,” a cacophonous mixture of orchestral strings, brass horns, and DJ Shadow-esque scratches that feels like a roiling concoction of every genre rolled into one song.  And it works.  Each sample informs the next until a complete picture is formed, and the music forms an interlocking chain of individual moments that feel thematically separate but never dissonant.  It’s an odd exercise in musical profusion where Locher manages to keep every piece in check and balanced, despite the track’s overwhelming urge to burst out and spread itself over anything close at hand.  Check out “Even When The Time Comes” below.