There’s not much information available on lo-fi neo-soul outfit JOOPSOFTWAREDELUXE.  Making music which could be mistaken for vaporwave, but which feels more substantial and far less derivative then associated vaporwave-esque acts, the band casts hazy, ethereal shadows on soul and synth-pop.  Utilizing processed vocals which seem to be drawn off of some lost Marvin Gaye record and elastic synth-propelled rhythms, their latest single, “Allure,” feels timeless in its intimate, if unconventional, Motown execution, while also sounding redolent of the current upswing in early 90’s R’n’B appropriation in modern indie music.  Recently released by Memory No. 36 Recordings, you can head over to the label’s Bandcamp page to hear their debut album, Eternal Fragrance, streaming in its entirety.  Listen to “Allure” below.