Listen: Hip Hatchet – “Sing Me A Reprise”

Last December we told you about Hip Hatchet, the folk project of one Phillippe Bronchtein, which had come across our desk courtesy of a little nod from the inimitable We Listen For You. Back then we told you about their EP Coward’s Luck, which they were giving away free due to none of its songs making the cut for the upcoming album. Those tracks were all notable and a joy to listen to, so if they hadn’t made the cut the album was sure to be pretty spectacular, right?

Right! Well, at least it certainly seems that way judging from the first single “Sing Me A Reprise.” In the grand tradition of songs about love and loss “Sing Me Reprise” is all about pining for a former lover, but Hip Hatchet brings a unique and poetic look at this complex emotional state. The song is also grandly-yet-subtly orchestrated with strings, woodwinds and piano swirling in a tantalizingly gloomy way around Bronchtein’s guitar and voice, sucking you into the emotion and keeping you bogged down in it. (The effect is more pleasant than maybe I’ve made it out to be.)

You can stream “Sing Me A Reprise” below or over at Hip Hatchet’s Bandcamp. It’s from his upcoming album Joy and Better Days which will be seeing a digital release through Gravitation Records rather soon – April 10th in fact, so that’s one to certainly look forward to.