Denmark’s Fallulah is easy to rave about, but that’s because her music is very easy to enjoy. Going from the few tracks we’ve been fed since she set her sights outside her native country, she seems devoted to the belief that attack is the best form of defence. By creating big productions full of pummelling percussion and infectious, driving choruses, it becomes impossible to get past her and everything she’s bringing. Her new single, “Dried Out Cities” keep this in mind throughout, like she’s fending off the demons of life surrounding her by unleashing all she’s got. Her lilted accent (particularly during the bridge – which is catchy enough in itself, and which most artists would kill for as a chorus) brings to mind Lykke Li this time as opposed to Little Boots (see her last single, “Out Of It“), but that doesn’t make it any less impressionable. With “Dried Out Cities” she proves that attack may indeed be the best form of defence, but put another way: attack is the best form of attack. Listen below.