Marshmallow Ghosts

Due to an extended legal battle between Graveface Records owner Ryan Manon (aka Ryan Graveface) and a previous distributor, the label head has turned to Kickstarter alternative Indiegogo for some help with the extensive legal bills.  Ostensibly a lawsuit concerning the distributor’s lack of insurance after a massive flood damaged a large portion of Graveface merchandise that was stored at their warehouse, Manon is seeking to involve fans of the label and respective artists in hopes of recouping some of the fiscal shortchange from the flood and a portion of his legal fees.  For his part, he has set up some rather generous perks to go along with the various contribution levels.  You can check out the page in full here.

One of the more interesting perks comes in the form of a new 10″ from Halloween-obsessed gloom popsters The Marshmallow Ghosts.  Known for their annual trick-or-treat-related releases, the band melds fuzzy guitars, distorted organs, and heavily reverbed vocals to suggest a communal Halloween nostalgia.  Previously only available to those people who had contributed to the campaign, Graveface Records is now making a sampler of the band’s 10″ release public in hopes of drawing more people to the fundraiser.  You can stream the sampler below.  But the Graveface Records Fundraiser is in its last few days, and so the drive will come to an end on August 30th.  Be sure and head over to the page and check out the perks before the fundraiser ends this Friday.

Beats Per Minute is pleased to share an exclusive sampler of The Marshmallow Ghosts’ upcoming 10″.

As a bonus, check out this video for “The Hearse Song,” taken from The Marshmallow’s Ghosts’ self-titled debut LP.  This LP came bundled with a bonus DVD of different videos for each track, roughly bound together with dialogue forming a loosely connected Halloween and horror-related narrative.