Listen/Download: The Rebel Light – “Jukebox Dream”

Jukebox Dream

Last we heard of The Rebel Light, they were bringing the world a very promising self-titled EP, which eluded to great worries and disdain, but kept the listener from falling into a pit of despair with brisk instrumentation and structure. Since then, they released a new track entitled “Jukebox Dream,” which sounds like something of a reinvention for the L.A. band. It’s still them sure, but the face they’re wearing is ultimately chipper compared to the likes of “Goodbye Serenade.” All the chirpy guitars and tambourines bring to mind the Beach Boys, and more recently, Yellowbirds – but they’ve still got signature melancholia lingering in the veins of the song. The line, “I tried a hundred times to let you go” always stands out, mainly because my brain and ears peculiarly (but appropriately) keeps hearing it as “I tried a hundred songs to let you go,” like they’re all trying to find escape in the endless offering of a jukebox. Seems apt. Maybe it the band showing of their knack for an subtle homophone. Either way, the line – and everything around it – is still pretty golden, if not in disposition, then in lasting power. Listen to and/or download “Jukebox Dream” below.