Photo by Philip Cosores

Ride are a band who never got their due in their time. The British shoegaze band have been touted by the likes of Radiohead as favourites, and critics often sing their praise, but amongst the lay-listener, particularly in America, Ride were virtually unheard of, overshadowed by other shoegaze giants My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive. However, with the reissue of their classic debut album Nowhere earlier this year, the band are starting to get some retroactive love.

In steps Death Cab For Cutie to help with the cause. The band have recently been covering Ride’s song “Twistarella” (from Ride’s sophomore album Going Blank Again) in live performances. While in the UK recently they stopped by BBC’s Maida Vale and talked about their love of Ride before trotting out a performance of their Death Cab-ified version of the song. You can listen to it below.

[via LBYB]