Photo: Constantine//Spence

Léa Sen mends inner turmoil with outer image on “Dragonfly ʚĭɞ”, announces new EP

France-born, UK-based artist, producer and songwriter Léa Sen has announced a new EP, You Of Now, Pt. 2, arriving on April 21 through Partisan. It’s the follow-up to last year’s debut You Of Now Pt.1. The first glimpse comes in the shape of “Dragonfly ʚĭɞ”, an ink-blotted R&B stunner adorned with silken layers of synths and guitars.

Similar like with previous single “Feel Like I’m Blue”, the song manifests like an inner monologue about self-worth, to embrace your vulnerability in a world where most only see one particular side of a certain individual.  Projecting larger than life image of yourself is something a lot of artists struggle with… so how do your inner complexities fit into that very act in an honest way?

As an artist equally adept in atmospheric soundscapes as hypnotic melodies, Léa Sen feels up to the task with a craft that sounds refined, stylish and lived in. “I spent a long time questioning the contradictions within myself,” she elaborates. “‘Dragonfly ʚĭɞ’ is a byproduct of me being so fed up with myself and my indecisions and stuck in endless internal quarrels. The music video and artwork was directed by Constantine//Spence, they created these beautiful worlds that clash with each other. In the world of fire, I’m being followed by an entity, it represents that other side of me that I’m struggling so much to match with.”

About the EP, she adds: “I want people to feel like they’re not crazy. We’re all going through it, and it doesn’t mean that you’re not worthy or you’re inadequate. And also maybe a reminder to myself.”

Watch the video for “Dragonfly ʚĭɞ” below and find the track on streaming outlets.

You Of Now, Pt. 2 will be released on April 21 via Partisan and can be pre-ordered here. Follow Léa Sen on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.