Laurel Halo - Chance of Rain

It hasn’t taken long for Laurel Halo to establish herself as one of the most forward thinking electronic artists in recent memory.  The Michigan-native has been confounding her fans expectations while simultaneously expanding the concepts of the genre, while also re-envisioning how electronic music can operate and function.  Her brazen and fearless debut LP, 2012’s Quarantine, found the artist inverting traditional electronic tropes and carving out a wide swath among her synthetic musical peers.  But far from the grand, stadium moving statements of intent that are often associated with electronic revisionism, Halo has made a name for herself through the intimate and unexpected avenues that her music often travels.

So when any information about new Laurel Halo material turns up, people have learned to take notice.  And with the recent announcement concerning the release of her sophomore album, Chance of Rain (out October 28th via Hyperdub), she is once again primed to take the spotlight – and conquer the festival circuit — when it drops next month.  Check out the full tracklist for Chance of Rain below.  And keep your eyes peeled for a wealth of dates closer to the album’s release date.

Chance of Rain tracklist:
01. Dr. Echt
02. Oneiroib
03. Serendip
04. Chance of Rain
05. Melt
06. Still/Dromos
07. Thrax
08. Ainnome
09. -Out